Getting Ready in Madison

Hello Fellow Travelers –

A part of travel culture is getting ready. For me that includes finishing last minute work so that I can mentally leave home; anticipating new experiences; and packing.

I’m worried because our garden doesn’t look like the attached photo taken several summers ago. In one raised bed the spinach, peas, radishes, and onions have come and gone, leaving tall weeds that I hope to pull before we leave. Then I need to find neighbors and friends to pick vegetables from the other beds while we’re gone.

Although I’m eager to get to the places on our itinerary, I’m especially looking forward to meeting all the teachers who will be on our bus. What might I learn about you before we meet on Monday? Are you on Facebook? Do you have a web site for student work? If you want to see my former students, check out our Park Street Cultural Tour (

I’m packing my laptop so I can blog on the trip, which is why I’m checking right now to make sure I know how to use this blog and know how to include a photo. Wish I had an iPhone or iPad so I could pack more lightly.


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One Response to Getting Ready in Madison

  1. Gloria Lenz says:

    I have never blogged, twittered, or poked.
    I have recently started to Facebook and add friends and family.
    My first Facebook friend was my first Superintendent, Dick Weigands.

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