Ready to tour

I think I’m ready to tour; I know what Mark means when he talks about getting ready mentally to be away. It seems there is always one more thing that could be done. Why is that?
To enter some of the mood of the trip, besides packing and reading, I’ve been listening to the CDs “Deep Polka, Dance Music from the Midwest” (Smithsonian Folkways, 1998) and “Lake Superior Visions, Native American Flute with Nature” (North Word Press, 1994). The booklet for Deep Polka was written by R. March, who wrote the article in our packet. The Native American flutist is Anakwad Frank Montano and he lives on the Red Cliff (Ojibwe) Reservation in Bayfield.
I’m looking forward to meeting fellow teacher travelers. It appears everything is in place for a great trip! Mark, we met many years ago, at a Viroqua storytelling workshop, and also at some Madison storytelling events. I’m happy we will be meeting up again.
Since there are 3 Karens and 1 Karin on our trip I will distinguish myself as:
–Karen A

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One Response to Ready to tour

  1. Anne says:

    Great music choices, Karen! We’ll be hearing one of the bands on “Deep Polka” live in their hometown during the tour: Norm Dombrowski and the Happy Notes in Stevens Point. Pack some dancing shoes!

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