I can hardly wait for Monday

I’ve been busy reading the materials and just now, looking at the blog. This is all very exciting and the reading materials have really aroused my interest.  I can’t get the image out of my mind of how immigrants will move on to another job if they are not given enough work days in the week, at least 6 (they prefer 7, ) or enough hours in the day, at least 10.

The blog, too, is very interesting to me. I’m the SharePoint team leader here at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire.  Collaborative technology is becoming very important in providing better ways to work. The blog is an important tool for team building and it is fascinating to me how well it works as we share ourselves and our work. The biggest obstacle to enjoying the benefits of such technology is the “fear” of learning something new. But then teachers don’t fall into this group!

Through reading the blog, I learned we may have some experience with Native American flutes and music.  I’ll bring mine along. My brother was the pro, but they are easy to play. You don’t need to read music. You just let your heart sing.

I’m on FaceBook, but I don’t actively use it. I’m too busy remodeling, swimming, ice skating, martial arts, being with grandchildren, and taking photos.  And, I do have to get work in there someplace.

Looking forward to meeting everyone,

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One Response to I can hardly wait for Monday

  1. Anne Fraioli says:

    Have a great week, everyone. I went on last year’s tour in the Kickapoo Valley and it was a great week, full of suprises, beautiful landscape, fascinating people and their stories, and great food too! This year’s tour looks equally exciting, so I hope to read some interesting blogs…I’d be partcularly interested in hearing about the Native American flute player that you’ll be meeting and learn about his (or her?) music.
    Enjoy – hope you have great weather!

    Anne Fraioli
    Music Teacher

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