Hmm & Yumm

Contested places is an interesting approach to explore a town. It made use of looking at aspects of a town from a point of view that I might not normally take. Visiting a town’s Main Street I think I would note the type of stores it had and how many were busy. I might have noticed the benches, but to view the town with the perspective of ‘contested place’ made me rethink the benches differently, with this new lens I viewed the benches as a welcoming aspect of the town.

I also wonder if all places are contested in some way, if it is just a difference in ‘intensity’ on contested. Or whether people actively engaged in the contesting. Can we have ‘contested time’? Do contested places lie dormant for a while and then resurface?


It was a good foodways day. Czech born Mike Hable baked beautiful breakfast kolaches for us at his Bloomer restaurant, Bohemian Ovens. “You are very creative,” Ruth said to him. “That’s my problem,” he replied.

Lunch at the Safari Restaurant in Barron served up fragrantly spiced items like goat, spinach, rice, beans, and injera. Facebook ‘Barron Somalis’ to connect. Many cautious eaters took chances and tried new foods, all to great delight. Kudos to restaurant owner and cook Khadar Abdi.

End the day with perfect pie from Donny Stoik at Main Street Cafe – topped with lots of stories.


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