Day 2 (Tuesday, 8/2/11): Map & Visits

Appleton: Breakfast at Harmony Café. Oneida: Kirby Metoxen (Oneida Nation Dept. of Tourism). Oneida Nation Arts Program (Beth Bashara). Potter Rose Kerstetter. Tsyunhehkwa (Jeff Metoxen). Green Bay: Art & Soul Café (Jim & Cat Daniels). Art Garage. Green Bay Curling Club (Harry Maier & Doris Wilberg).  Boat builder Patrick Farrell. De Pere: Artist Dick Hazeart. Algoma: Jim Rabas, steam engine tractors. Farm Market Kitchen (Mary Pat Carlson). Harbor Inn Motel.

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One Response to Day 2 (Tuesday, 8/2/11): Map & Visits

  1. teacherstour says:

    When I recall our visit to Harmony Cafe, I reflect on its Check It at the Door Declaration:
    I believe: That all people should be valued and appreciated: That every person is a treasure worthy of dignity and respect; That diversity in humans is a strength; That by pre-judging people and by holding biases, I will miss the beauty within each individual person.
    I believe: That it is natural for people to be uncomfortable with those who are different from themselves, But I will work to overcome these feelings: That people have different abilities, appearances, beliefs, athnicities, experiences and identities, And I realize that the world is a better place because of these differences.
    I pledge: To be aware of my biases and the ways I pre-judge people;To try to get to know the person who may look, dress, think or live differently than I do; To check my biases and my tempation to pre-judge people at the door.

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