Day 3 (Wednesday, 8/3/11): Map & Visits

Algoma: Breakfast at Cool Harbor. Merle Hill, charter boat captain. Belgian area of Door County: Various stops (UW-GB Prof. Bill Laatsch). Brussels: Lunch w/ Sue Marchant. Algoma: Shanty Days float at Olson Fabrication (Chris Steinhagen). Two Rivers: Coast Guard Station and Rawley Point Lighthouse (BM1 Jeremy Zimmer & BM1 Jason Kuzik). Supper at Kurtz’s Pub and Deli (Karyl Rommelfanger, community scholar and Jim Christiansen, owner). Manitowoc: Best Western.

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One Response to Day 3 (Wednesday, 8/3/11): Map & Visits

  1. teacherstour says:

    Never having been to Algoma, I was charmed by its picturesque buildings and scenery. However the most interesting event today was the explanation by community scholar, Karyn Rommelfanger, of the origins of St. Nanianz, WI. D.D.

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