Day 4 (Thursday, 8/4/11): Map & Visits

Manitowoc: Wastewater Treatment Facility (Eric Storm). Ramirez Auto Repair (Guillermo Ramirez & dau. Lisset Ramirez). Cleveland: Saxon Homestead Creamery. Saxon Homestead Farm (siblings Karl, Robert and Alise Klessig & spouses). Lunch from Whispering Orchards & Café (Sue Holzwart). Lutze Housebarn.  Sheboygan: Great Lakes Fishing Co. (Glen Seger). Riverfront Bait & Tackle (Jeff & Gracie Brown). EOS (Mike Miller). Union Oriental Market (Vue Yang). Dinner at Field to Fork. Harbor Winds Hotel.

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One Response to Day 4 (Thursday, 8/4/11): Map & Visits

  1. teacherstour says:

    OK. I thought the trip to the sewage treatment plant stunk. (Get it?) But the chemist there refered us to a screaming jelly babies website that might interest my second graders.
    Two other stops today were memorable as well. Guillermo Ramirez touched the teacher in me, when he told our group that he wanted his children to be well educated in this country so that their lives could be enriched as his was when he left Mexico for Wisconsin. The Klessig farm and creamery operation demonstrated that a willingness to be open to new ideas, can be both profitable and moral/ethical/humane. D.D.

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