Day 5 (Friday, 8/5/11): Map & Visits

Breakfast at hotel. Sheboygan: Lao, Hmong and American Veterans Memorial (Vue Yang). “Holyland”: Various stops incl. St. Cloud, Mt. Calvary, Malone, Johnsburg, and Marytown (Bill Casper, John Brusoe, Theresa Mayer).  Lunch at Jeff’s Marytown Tap. Fond du Lac: Sturgeon spearers Mary Lou Schneider & Bill Casper. Sherwood: High Cliff State Park. Appleton: Say our goodbyes!

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One Response to Day 5 (Friday, 8/5/11): Map & Visits

  1. teacherstour says:

    The perch at Jeff’s Marytown Tap is DELICIOUS! D.D.
    Vue Yang and the soldiers who were interviewed gave the teachers on this tour pause for thought. Their suffering, sacrifice, and hope for the future is mirrored by so many groups of people who have come to America, yet their story is largely unknown. D.D.

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