Artist drive…

While talking with Pat Farrell, the boat builder, he mentioned how he had wanted to carve a wooden horse for some time, and he has now started. When asked why, he said that he woke up one morning and felt it was time to do it. In contrast, Dick Hazeart has produced so many wooden carvings that I image he must have gotten up each day and went to work on a block of wood. Dick had told us that he doesn’t draw out his characters but let’s the block of wood quid him as he carves.

So, I wonder what inspires an artists to work on a particular piece. Or perhaps I should better wonder what drives them to do their art.

A carving by Dick Hazeart – can you tell the story?
Pat Farrell canoe
A canoe being built by Pat Farrell, in his garage.
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One Response to Artist drive…

  1. teacherstour says:

    Pat was inspiring in ways unrelated to art, too. He has a remarkable ability to see the good in others and he goes out of his way to be generous. D.D.

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