Day 4 – Ken Swift’s Images

In the beginning w/ Eric Storm (Manitowoc Wastewater Treatment Facility)

Ramirez welcomes you.

Ramirez Auto Repair's owner Guillermo Ramirez and family of Manitowoc

Ramirez shop icon

Karl Klessig of Saxon Homestead Creamery and Farm w/ 2011's International Grand Champion of Show goat cheese beyond.

The Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture Tour 2011in creamery finery, Cleveland, WI.

Saxon Homestead Farm's classic barn and 1850s silo

Chris Kuehnel (Board, Centreville Settlement Historical Society) at the Lutze Housebarn, Cleveland, WI.

Riverfront Bait & Tackle's owners Jeff and Grace Brown (foreigners from NE Pennsylvania), Sheboygan, WI

EOS surfing shop, Sheboygan

Mark w/ Union Oriental Market's owner Vue Yang, Sheboygan

Diane learning from Vue's wife how the conical hats are made from bamboo.

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