Weather Outlook?

Hey, Ack!

Is the Weather Guy available for consultation? If so, how hot is it going to be on our tour? Getting ready to pack, I want to be ready for the very hot weather Dennis O’Donnell tells me they’ve been having in Frederick, and the cooler weather I usually experience in Superior. What are you expecting?


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2 Responses to Weather Outlook?

  1. Ruth Olson says:

    I guess Ack isn’t going to answer, so I will! Dennis tells me that it is hot and humid, so I think we can expect everything from thunderstorms to temperatures in the 90s with humidity. Lake Superior and Duluth should offer us some relief, though.

  2. teacherstour says:

    Well, I’m almost done with chores around the house and can now focus on the weather in Drummond area. Look for a high temperature in the low to mid 80s around Pigeon Lake on Sunday. There is almost always a 20% chance of a thunderstorm in the summer. There is a chance of rain while we sleep with a low in the mid 60s. As for clothing for different weather during our trip, I’m bringing short sleeve shirts, shorts and long pants, a wind breaker and maybe an umbrella. Pretty much common sense dressing 🙂

    As long as I can get I on-line I’ll be looking at the weather each day and happy to provide my outlook of the next day’s weather.

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