Lakefronts & Backstories – 2011

The WTLC 2011 tour theme Lakefronts & Backstories explores the idea that teachers and students who investigate background stories will go beyond the delightful surfaces of an area to a deeper understanding of complex relationships in a place. The confluence of geography, climate, and local indigenous and immigrant cultures has created a rich variety of cultural activities in the “Eastern Waters” of Wisconsin, most evident in regional occupations, foodways, and recreation. Burgeoning populations and tourism, water issues, growing awareness of the fragility and importance of coastal areas, and battles over ownership of resources all affect the complicated present of this region.

Educators will experience its diverse cultures directly through on-site guided tours, interaction with local residents, and community-based presentations. The itinerary includes “inside the community” experiences not usually available to tourists or independent travelers and is especially designed for the needs of teachers.

Throughout this tour we will be blogging about our experiences so that friends, family, students and fellow teachers can follow our adventure. It all begins on Aug 1.  Until then, if you want more information, visit the WTLC website.

Follow our tour  by checking what is posted each day under 2011 – Lakefronts & Backstories in the Categories section in the right column.


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